Vulnerability Management

Minimize your organization’s technical risks. Our cybersecurity experts dive into your systems and networks to uncover weaknesses and perform ongoing scans to keep you ahead of looming threats. CyZen then creates a personalized, easy-to-follow report that details your vulnerabilities and provides remediation guidance.

To guard against threats, you must know your organization's vulnerabilities.

  • Identify and fix security issues before attackers can exploit them
  • Recognize new vulnerabilities and shorten the window of exploitation
  • Get straightforward, actionable mitigation and remediation recommendations
  • Comply with current regulatory requirements

How We Do It

Quarterly Vulnerability Scans

We scan your internal and external infrastructure, looking for emerging vulnerabilities multiple times throughout the year, using a flexible quiver of tools to deliver reports of our findings

Multiple Scanning Tools

To maximize vulnerability identification, our team uses multiple tools including manual probing and testing, which provides us a complete view into your organization's risk exposure. We have expertise in configuring and using various tools to accurately identify vulnerabilities

Results Validation

To weed out false positives and determine the impact of each vulnerability relevant to your organization's operating environment, we review the results of our vulnerability scans

Comprehensive Reporting

We deliver a thorough Vulnerability Management Program Report, which pinpoints discovered vulnerabilities, analyzes root causes, and provides actionable remediation recommendations. These reports help you track your remediation progress throughout the year and provide insight to your return on mitigation

Personalized, Hands-on Review

The CyZen team discusses the results of each round of assessments with you to ensure you have a clear understanding of the impact of the discovered vulnerabilities and know how to properly fix the issues


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