Spear Phishing Simulation and Training

According to a report from Verizon, 96% of breaches originate through email. How confident are you that your employees have the savvy to spot questionable emails? CyZen works with you to help raise employee awareness regarding social engineering attacks — thereby lessening the potential impact these attacks can have on your environment. We tailor spear phishing attacks to demonstrate vulnerabilities and provide follow-on training crafted from our findings.

Your company is only as secure as the weakest link

  • Give your employees the awareness to identify potentially compromising spear phishing emails
  • Provide recommendations on what to do if faced with a spear phishing campaign
  • Recognize the indicators of phishing and other social engineering attacks
  • Illustrate the impact these breaches can have on your organization
  • Reduce your exposure by helping employees anticipate risk and lower the chance they will click on a damaging link

How We Do It

Spear Phishing Simulation

Our security experts send specially crafted emails to targets designated by you -- helping identify your organization’s susceptibility to social engineering attacks.

Documentation of User Activity

We examine the results of the testing, tracking user activity for each email, including who opened the email, whether the user clicked on the provided link and if credentials were provided.

Online Training

We provide on-demand education tailored to your industry that's easily deployed to remote users and specific job functions (such as HR, IT, accounting).

Live Training Session

To increase resiliency to cyber threats, the team offers an optional live training session based on real-world examples targeted to your organization's needs.

Productive Focus

Our training approach arms employees with the necessary tools and guidelines to reduce susceptibility to a host of potential threats.

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