Security Architectural Review

Has your organization implemented an effective and complete security program that is relevant to your business environment? An effective network security architecture review helps protect company and client data, personally identifiable information (PII), and digital assets in the right way — ensuring you're compliant with relevant regulations and contractual obligations.

Create a solid foundation for security across your organization

  • Identify gaps in your organization's security program
  • Strengthen your network security posture
  • Align security best practices to support critical business functions, not disrupt them
  • Determine the effectiveness of existing security procedures
  • Prioritize remediation efforts with a detailed road-map

How We Do It

Information Gathering

Through stakeholder interviews and document reviews, we gain an understanding of your organization's business operating environment -- equipping us with the knowledge to make strategic recommendations

Network Review

To adhere to industry best practices, we review your network topology for accuracy and examine the configuration of your network devices

Alignment Review

To minimize gaps and strengthen your organization's security posture, we assess your alignment with proven frameworks such as NIST, ISO, and CIS

Comprehensive Reporting

We provide a detailed report of our findings to use as a road map for enhancing your security, including your organization’s risk based on conformity to best practices, discovered security gaps, recommendations for improvements, and more

Broad-based Experience

Our team has experience working with organizations in the public and private sectors and assessing various types of environments from family offices to large corporate environments


Tips on How to Avoid the Cybersecurity Pitfalls of Big Companies in 2018

As companies grow, there is a greater possibility for a growing number of potential cyber attacks. 2018 has proven that even the biggest companies—and government entities— aren’t immune.

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