Secure Code Review

How do you ensure that tools and platforms you are building are properly secured? Effective security code reviews are a combination of human effort and technology support. It's important that your company audits the source code for an application to verify that the proper security controls are present, that they work as intended, and that they have been invoked in all the right places.

Build security and resilience into applications developed in-house.

  • Ensure that each application developed is “self-defending” in its given environment.
  • Guarantee that application developers are following secure development techniques.
  • Acquire deep insight into security issues before applications go live.
  • Gain an improved software development life-cycle (SDLC) by applying security best practices.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in software, applications, and platforms that automated scanners will not find.

How We Do It

Mapping and Enumeration

To gain an understanding of your application development process and environment, our security engineers review and identify critical areas of interest, map data flows, identify vulnerabilities, and review design documentation.

Automated Static Code Analysis

We determine problem areas by running commercial and proprietary tools that identify specific code flaws and logic. These tools assess large amounts of code and point out possible issues.

Manual and Dynamic Review

To pinpoint security issues specific to running components and other systems such as SQL databases, web services, cloud environments, and application servers, we apply our understanding of the code to uncover issues not detectable by automated scanners.

Detailed, Customizable Reporting

Our security experts deliver a comprehensive report including an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, suggestions to improve your SDLC, risk ratings, specific vulnerabilities, and remediation recommendations.


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