Risk Assessment

Knowing your risk tolerance drives your business activities, allowing you to explore new opportunities and effectively address business challenges. At CyZen, we are business advisors first. We apply industry expertise to guide your company as you assess your organization's risk and work to direct resources into meaningful controls.

Gain a holistic view of the risks to your business.

  • Design effective IT risk management functions.
  • Assess and review business impact and risk via industry standard frameworks.
  • Align risks to organizational strategy with a top-down and a bottom-up view.
  • Minimize IT downtime and improve availability of business functions or processes dependent on IT.
  • Lower control, compliance, and audit costs and focus on value-adding activities.
  • Continually identify, assess, and reduce risk to levels of tolerance set by senior management.

How We Do It

Information Gathering

First we work with your team to identify key business activities and the associated risks through use of interviews and questionnaires. This will serve as the basis for a comprehensive profile of your company’s current risk environment.

Risk Universe Development

To align risks to business units and strategic objectives, we collaborate with you to understand all aspects of your enterprise or SMB and evaluate and prioritize your risks.

Current State Risk Assessment

Approaching your risk assessment from multiple lenses, we craft a summary and detailed breakdown including a gap assessment, IT systems inventory, and risk management recommendations.

Risk Roadmap

To achieve the desired risk environment, we build a risk roadmap that includes development of controls and a compliance or audit plan.

Risk Assessment Maintenance

We also provide ongoing risk assessment and compliance/audit plan updates to continue to guide your company as it navigates and responds to new and ongoing issues.


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