Penetration Testing

Are you confident that you can identify all of your organization's cybersecurity weaknesses? By simulating an attack with penetration testing, we're able to identify risks currently hidden to your organization. Effective pentesting helps identify your organization's exact vulnerabilities, which means you are one step closer to implementing the right security controls for your specific environment.

Identify unknown vulnerabilities by thinking like a cyber attacker

  • Test effectiveness of current information security and data controls
  • Identify risks not found by automated scanners
  • Fix your vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them
  • Determine the impact of a breach
  • Pinpoint additional controls that will close your security gaps
  • Improve overall resilience to attacks
  • Adhere to industry best practices and regulatory compliance

How We Do It

Open Source Intelligence Gathering

We conduct this audit against your publicly available assets including websites, domains, and other remotely accessible resources.

Strategic Vulnerability Exploitation

After discovering high-risk vulnerabilities, we target those areas that can be exploited with minimal disruption to your organization while also providing useful information regarding impact.

Discovery and Vulnerability Scans

To maximize vulnerability discovery, we examine internal and external IT assets using multiple commercial, open source, and custom tools.

Vulnerability Validation

False positives are minimized through further validation and vetting, providing your organization additional value.

Manual Probing of Discovered Assets

To help spot additional vulnerabilities not found by automated tools, we also perform manual investigation of your discovered assets.

Network Discovery

We pivot and traverse through your network to escalate privileges and gain access to sensitive data, delivering a much more thorough analysis than our competitors.

Comprehensive Reporting

A detailed report of our findings including key risks to your environment posed by identified and exploited vulnerabilities, tactical and strategic mitigation recommendations, root cause analysis, and more is provided.

Remediation Follow-up

We answer questions regarding our findings and provide explanations on our recommended next steps. We are extension of your team and want you to use us as a resource in helping correct your issues and strengthen your security.


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