Penetration Testing

Move your business forward with confidence knowing that your cybersecurity weaknesses are identified and addressed. Our penetration tests incorporate both automated and manual techniques to maximize our ability to uncover vulnerabilities within in your environment. By including manual testing in our process, we go further in uncovering security vulnerabilities than automated tools used by many competitors, which often miss more advanced threats. CyZen’s holistic approach is tailored to your business and enables us to generate custom reports that help you identify your organization's unique vulnerabilities and develop the right security controls for your environment.

Uncover and curb hidden network security risks

  • Test effectiveness of current information security and data controls
  • Identify risks not found by automated scanners
  • Fix your vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them
  • Determine the impact of a breach
  • Pinpoint additional controls that will close your security gaps
  • Improve overall cyber security resilience
  • Integrate industry best practices and meet compliance demands
  • Get custom reports with actionable, practical recommendations made with your resources in mind

How We Do It

Open Source Intelligence Gathering

We identify your exposure to external attacks by identifying and assessing your publicly available assets, including websites, domains and other remotely accessible resources to uncover means of illicit entry.

Strategic Vulnerability Exploitation

When we discover high-risk vulnerabilities, we carefully determine how it can be exploited to identify its impact to your operating environment and feasibility of a potential breach.

Discovery and Vulnerability Scans

To maximize our ability to discover vulnerabilities, we examine internal and external IT assets using multiple commercial, open source, and custom tools. This allows us to discover rogue or potentially unknown resources that could allow a bad actor into your environment.

Vulnerability Validation

False positives are minimized through further validation and vetting, providing your organization additional value.

Manual Probing of Discovered Assets

Understanding that automated tools can’t replicate the approach of a determined bad actor, we also perform manual investigations of your assets.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our reports detail and highlight the risks posed by the identified and exploited vulnerabilities, offer tactical and strategic mitigation recommendations alongside root-cause analysis and other actionable insight.

Remediation Follow-up

Acting as an extension of your team, we answer questions regarding our findings and provide guidance on next steps. CyZen is a resource dedicated to helping you correct existing issues and strengthen your security.


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