Incident Response & Digital Forensics

In the event of a data breach, precise and timely response is critical. Our team works with your organization to determine what has been compromised and develop a containment and recovery strategy.

Minimize the impact of an attack with rapid and effective response.

  • Quickly recognize what content and data has been compromised.
  • Know the exact impact of a breach across your organization.
  • Identify and remediate root causes of an attack to prevent additional data loss.

How We Do It

Best-in-Breed Sensors

CyZen deploys state-of-the-art sensors during a breach to detect, quarantine and remove the threat from your environment to help your organization strengthen its posture.

Forensic Device Analysis

Time is of the essence. We analyze any device under suspicion to ensure that no data, tools, technology, or anything else living in your environment has been compromised or maliciously used. This analysis is performed within 24 hours of being contacted.

Realistic Roadmaps and Support

We align ourselves with your needs and provide actionable guidance on how to contain and manage your issues. You can focus on operations while we focus on security.

Broad Expertise

As a team that has worked with a variety of clients across industries, we understand the specific use cases that affect each vertical and are able to build an incident response plan that works for your organization.

Rapid Deployment

Regardless of where you are in the world, we can respond fast and vaccinate fileless malware and persistent threats to your environment and get your organization back up and running.

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