Baseline Assessment

Taking the first step to improve your company's cybersecurity can seem intimidating. CyZen's baseline assessment provides a starting point to determine your current and potential threats. We examine your processes, policies, controls, and implemented tools — and deliver an analysis on where you are today and how to become more secure tomorrow.

Get proactive about your organization's cybersecurity.

  • Take an initial pulse on your company's gaps and risks.
  • Learn how to alleviate your most pressing cybersecurity issues.
  • Gain insight quickly with a 30-day view into your organization's vulnerabilities.
  • Set the stage for taking a deeper dive into your cybersecurity.

How We Do It

Strategic Interviews

To identify current processes and procedures, we interview relevant stakeholders including senior management and end users.

Active Scanning

Commercial and open source tools are used to quickly pinpoint vulnerabilities on internally and externally deployed assets. We review and validate scans to minimize false positives and false negatives.

Manual Testing and Probing

Using results from active scans, our experts manually probe the network for vulnerabilities the scanner may have missed. To minimize the potential of disrupting operations, we carefully examine critical or delicate systems using manual techniques.

Document and Topology Review

We review relevant security documentation to determine your organization's governance posture and network security architecture. It's important to know if your organization has documented and implemented the appropriate policies and has deployed an IT infrastructure that supports the established security policies.

Remediation Road-map

Once we have taken a deep look at how your company works, we deliver an analysis on your current stance as well as provide specific steps to help you patch gaps in your environment.


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