The F.B.I. Urges You to Reboot Your Router

May 28, 2018

It’s not time to panic yet, but your router, gateway to the internet highway, may be compromised. The F.B.I announced last week that hundreds of thousands of internet routers, across several manufacturers, were infected by malware.

The F.B.I. issued an urgent request to reset your internet router in an effort to delete everything in the device’s memory, and thereby erase the malware. However, this approach may only work if the malware doesn’t live on the device’s hard drive, which is used to temporarily store data—also known as Random Access Memory, or “RAM.” As we await further guidance from the F.B.I., Friedman CyZen’s cyber security experts will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can proactively take certain steps to secure your valued assets.

Somebody’s Watching Me

Hackers are exploiting unsecure routing protocols, including Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which are intended to route information between different host gateways. Like a shadow, hackers can follow you as you navigate the internet as well as access your clear text traffic—any unencrypted text that your electronic devices transmit across the internet—from your passwords to your user login.

According to the FBI, the malicious software has the power to block web traffic, collect information that travels across home and office routers and entirely disable the infected devices. Currently, no specific patches have been issued to improve cybersecurity, but there are ways to ensure your cyber wellbeing.

Steps to Protect Your Privacy

In addition to resetting your router, the F.B.I. recommends best practices, which should be an ongoing part of your business’s IT policy1:

  • Upgrade your router firmware
  • Update your passwords
  • Disable remote-management settings on your router

Additionally, upgrading to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will allow you to securely connect your private network across public networks. Essentially, a VPN acts as your encrypted tunnel as you traverse the internet highway.

A member of the CyZen Team will guide you through additional steps you can take to thwart an attack today. For more information on this current cyber threat, contact Will Mendez at or your CyZen cybersecurity expert.


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