How enterprise cybersecurity teams can mitigate against individual data security complacency

Aug 11, 2021

One of the biggest risks that enterprise cybersecurity teams face in 2021 is complacency from company employees. IT departments are typically seen as the sole force protecting an organization from data breaches, but given the complexity of the issue, cybersecurity initiatives need to be adopted and practiced company-wide. Any person in any department at any level who does not follow data security best practices is an easy target through which cyber criminals can gain access to a company’s private networks.

Yahoo, Facebook, Marriott Starwood, Twitter, Experian, Adobe, Equifax and LinkedIn are companies that we come in contact with in our daily lives and all have been victims of data breaches – some multiple times! We are constantly inputting information about ourselves online that could be used against us if it ended up in the wrong hands.

Data breaches are a risk to all companies, and in an enterprise setting, employees must do their part to help prevent cyber attacks. To support them, companies need to invest in tools that enable employees to easily manage and comply with IT procedures. This may include password-protected devices, multi-factor authentication, password managers and secure browsers, among others.

It’s also important for employees to understand how to respond in the event of a cyber attack. For example, internal communications and HR teams need to connect with IT departments regularly to spread awareness and enforce standard operating procedures company-wide. External-facing PR and marketing departments, as well as executives, should also have a crisis plan in place to communicate quickly, honestly and transparently with the public if stakeholder data were to ever be compromised.

But the goal is always to prevent a cyber attack, and in order to do so, companies need a strong team of cybersecurity experts on the front lines. This team must be well-versed in identifying potential breaches quickly and be able to put proactive, easy-to-implement solutions in place to address security events. Company leaders must also be willing to invest in the tools and trainings needed to make cybersecurity policies easier to enforce and adopt.

Corporate decision makers also need to be in touch with their IT departments when assessing new vendors or suppliers so they can conduct due diligence assessments. These relationships and integrations can expose your company to additional security risk, so it’s important to vet every vendor’s cybersecurity practices. If they don’t meet your standards, opt to bring on a more secure provider.

People make up companies, and every employee needs to do their part to protect their organization from cyber attacks. Robust and effective cybersecurity strategies that are easy implement and adopt require strong leadership to ensure compliance and safeguard against rapidly evolving risks. In a perfect world, your business will never encounter a cyber attack – but in the event that you do, working with a cybersecurity firm allows you to monitor data and network traffic across employee systems and address any potential threats in real time.

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