Prepare Now for Critical Device Security Incidents

Jan 04, 2022

It may be a new year, but hackers are up to their same old tricks. Medical devices used in hospitals and healthcare systems are their latest targets, leaving patient information vulnerable if proper threat prevention isn’t taken.

CyZen’s Managing Director of Operations Will Mendez and Senior Cybersecurity Consultant Michael Schenck each shared valuable insight with Relias Media for their comprehensive coverage on the topic.

Mendez and Shenck explain that one of the biggest hurdles organizations may face is the simple make up of the devices themselves.

“These devices are built for a specific purpose, and security usually is not at the top of its list of features. They usually consist of embedded operating systems that are ‘stripped down’ versions and often cannot support traditional security protocols or mechanisms such as antivirus software.”

How, then, can we keep these devices safe? Read the full article below.

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