Dumping yards are treasure to malicious hackers

Aug 10, 2021

What happens to your electronic devices once you've discarded them? Perhaps they were outdated or even broken — but the information on them shouldn't be forgotten about just because the technology has been.

Michael Schenck, Cyzen's Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, recently spoke with Cybernews about the inconspicuous danger of electronics left abandoned, and all of the privileged information that can be garnered from them.

“These devices hold all sorts of information about us that we may not even realize that is there,” Schenck said.

So, how can we ensure we're protecting ourselves and our data?

“With a traditional hard drive that has mechanical spinning parts in it, for most use cases, you can do something simple, such as taking it to a mechanic shop and putting some holes through the hard drive to make it unrecoverable, especially outside the laboratory setting. But with newer solid-state drives (SSD), there’s a lot more. It has to do with the piece of software designed, not just deleting things but resetting everything to zero,” Schenck explained.

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