Digital Asset Exchange BlockQuake™ Partners with Leading Cybersecurity Firm CyZen

Jul 20, 2021

BlockQuake™, a regulatory-driven digital asset exchange, recently announced a partnership with CyZen. BlockQuake™ will utilize CyZen for a number of these services, enhancing the exchange's investor protection and security, and enabling a higher standard of self-regulation.

"We are proud to partner with CyZen, which will support us in maintaining the highest standards of security on the BlockQuake™ Exchange," said Antonio Brasse, CEO, and Co-Founder of BlockQuake™. "With the prevalence of large-scale security breaches and crypto scams, cryptocurrency traders, especially new investors, are rightly concerned about how to choose an exchange that is legitimate and safe. This partnership should bring confidence to our investors, who know they are trading on an exchange that prioritizes their safety and security."

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