SNN Network Summer Virtual Event

Aug 17, 2021

@ Virtual Event

Cyber Breaches: Don’t be the Next High-Profile Victim

Recent headlines demonstrate that any company can fall victim to cyber breaches. For small to medium-sized companies, it can be daunting to even consider the possibility of an attack. If you’re in that position, you may be asking yourself: Who can I count on? What does the incident response process look like? What can I do to prevent a breach and what should I do if I suffer a breach?

Hear from industry leaders who will shed light on key layers of cybersecurity protection and offer practical insights into the steps you can take to improve your security posture. This dynamic panel discussion features the perspectives of several key players within the prevention, detection, response and recovery ecosystem, including representatives of the insurance, tech and cybersecurity industries. You will walk away with a comprehensive overview of the phases involved in combating and responding to a cyber incident or breach.

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Will Mendez
, Managing Director, CyZen

Michael Schenck, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, CyZen

Michael Tomasulo, AHT Insurance

SNN Network brings together the most promising companies and the top dealmakers in MicroCap Finance for 3 days of company presentations, 1x1 meetings and educational panels in this premier event.

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