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Technology is changing the world. It also impacts how people do business and enjoy their lives. Whether developing a new app or creating an innovative platform, each technology company faces unique challenges. CyZen understands the needs of technology companies like yours. We can help you grow in a safe way, from helping craft a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) to establishing policies and procedures that support your goals and protect sensitive data.

Understanding Your Needs

Untested, emerging technologies can be vulnerable — making technology companies a prime cyber attack target. Another challenge that often faces this industry is attaining compliance with regulations such as GDPR that govern the collection and protection of sensitive user data. Your company needs a partner who truly and deeply understands your risks and your technology.

How CyZen Helps

At CyZen, we are technologists first and foremost. We understand and have created solutions for many tech companies to help keep them secure. Our deep-rooted understanding of the technology industry stems from the fact that many team members have held engineering roles and have worked for and with technology companies.

To support production environments, we provide secure code reviews and application pen-testing. We also assess the security surrounding your organization and your environment including cloud solutions. Our comprehensive assessments and remediation suggestions are tailored to your business needs. Our ongoing monitoring and detection help provide continued visibility into your current and evolving risks.


Tips on How to Avoid the Cybersecurity Pitfalls of Big Companies in 2018

As companies grow, there is a greater possibility for a growing number of potential cyber attacks. 2018 has proven that even the biggest companies—and government entities— aren’t immune.

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