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Whether a small real estate holding firm, an industrial real estate organization, or a commercial real estate entity, your company has valuable information that makes you a target for cyber-attacks. Many real estate organizations struggle with identifying vulnerabilities and securing their environment. CyZen understands the diverse threats that real estate companies face — ranging from protecting buildings utilizing IoT smart technologies and control systems to securing vast amounts of sensitive tenant data.

Understanding Your Needs

Most real estate organizations do not have the adequate staff and resources to be proactive when it comes to dealing with constantly evolving attacks and threats targeting their industry and financial success.

How CyZen Helps

CyZen's deep-rooted understanding of the industry challenges your company faces helps us address evolving cyber threats to your business on an ongoing basis. We are innovators in the space and can act as an outsourced cyber force to help keep your real estate organization up to speed — and more importantly informed, aware, and protected.


Drop the "BAS": Protecting Building Facilities and Inhabitants from Cyber Attacks

Building automation systems ("BAS") ease property managers’ daily operations—from reducing energy consumption to cutting maintenance costs—but the very aspects that make BAS attractive can be a gateway to cyber attacks. Understanding BAS cybersecurity can help you protect your facility and your inhabitants’ wellbeing.

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