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Retail continues to be one of the most-targeted industries for cybercrime due to because it processes massive amounts of financial data, and offers a variety of potential access points for hackers. Cyzen can help relieve your burden of managing the increasing number of applications and dynamic infrastructure to minimize exposure and loss of sensitive data.

What the Industry Needs

Manufacturing companies are moving from analog to digital, which is great for productivity, but can cause security vulnerabilities. Retail is similar as the industry has taken big hits in data security, and even with improved cybersecurity practices, it remains susceptible to cybercrime. You need to guard your data and systems to continue to grow your customer bases and maintain a reputable public image.

How CyZen Helps

CyZen works with manufacturing and retail companies to secure intellectual property and ensure continuity of operations. We also help educate employees about phishing emails and safeguard your organization from damaging social engineering attacks.

For retail companies, we formulate security strategies that take into account multiple points of sale and entry for cyberattacks, and build plans to address all of your organization’s vulnerabilities.


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