As a leader in the healthcare industry, you need a cybersecurity approach that puts human interest at the forefront. You are tasked with seamlessly integrating systems that coordinate all aspects of patient care, as well as automating organizational processes—despite increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity challenges. . CyZen’s experts have the hands-on experience needed to optimize security protocols to safeguard systems and data.

How CyZen Helps

CyZen alleviates the cyber challenges you face by helping to protect electronic health records (EHR), which include names of patients, their birth dates, policy numbers, diagnosis codes, and billing information. This wealth of data can be used by fraudsters in different ways, such as creating fake IDs to buy medical equipment or medications that can be resold.

We deploy best-in-class techniques to detect and mitigate ransomware, which cyber criminals use to infect your healthcare organization’s IT system, preventing your company from accessing certain files or sectors.

Your organization will benefit from a highly-personalized employee education program that prepares your workforce to identify phishing emails. Additionally, we structure and launch layered security to serve as a protective cloak that alerts and blocks threats to your organization.


5 Techniques to Get You Ransomware-Ready

Most of us have heard of ransomware, but what is it? Who does it impact? How can you protect your business?

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