Gaining access to data via gaming is a growing security threat. With sports betting now legal in some states, and casinos and gaming platforms becoming a high value target, organizations benefit from CyZen's expertise in securing data from emerging threats.

What the Industry Needs

Whether it’s brick and mortar casinos, or newly adopted e-sport platforms, the number of cyber threats are growing for the providers of these services, as well as for the gamers and their data. It's important that gaming platforms, casinos, and other online portals and apps take necessary measures to control and secure user and organizational data.

How CyZen Helps

With CyZen's balanced approach to security we can help your e-gaming organization identify and understand the unique threats facing your industry.

We understand security is not a one-size fits all framework. This is why our experts work with your organization to understand the environment so that we can make informed and balanced recommendations that make sense.

Our team interviews relevant stakeholders to understand business functions and processes. We then review relevant documentation to understand senior leadership's commitment to security, and perform technical security tests to both identify vulnerabilities and validate established processes. The ultimate goal is to identify your organization’s unique threats and increase your security posture.

CyZen is your partner throughout this whole process, answering questions and making strategic and tactical recommendations to close any identified gaps.


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