Financial Services

Today's cyber threats are predominantly financially motivated. Hackers are opportunistic criminals that follow the money — making financial service companies a prime target. The CyZen team has years of experience helping financial services companies including banks, insurance companies and private equity companies protect their clients' critical assets.

Understanding Your Needs

The financial services industry is dealing with an increasing quantity of assets and data to protect with a growing amount of technical vulnerabilities. The explosion of technological reliance in the industry has made companies like yours a target rich environment for hackers. Also, if you conduct business in or through New York, your company is subject to regulations from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) which mandate a strong cybersecurity program.

How CyZen Helps

With our deep rooted experience, CyZen can help close the gaps and vulnerabilities facing your industry by creating and launching vulnerability management programs as well as by conducting network and web application penetration tests, network security architectural reviews and NYDFS assessments. Our enterprise VSOC is a robust solution that meets the challenging needs of your financial services company.


A Look at GDPR Through a Legal Lens

Managing Director of CyZen, Jacob Lehmann, sat with Co-Founder and Managing Partner at XPAN Law Group, Jordan Fischer, to dive into the details of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—the most important change in data privacy regulation in decades.

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