Digital Currency

As the digital currency space rapidly grows, cybersecurity is an afterthought, with many companies focused on securing the blockchain and not the data surrounding it. CyZen is experienced in working with exchanges, custodians, SaaS companies, cryptofunds, and development companies, and can help secure your digital currency company from emerging threats and determine risk before they are exploited.

Understanding Your Needs

Digital currency businesses often fail to think about security as a priority — and also ignore the fundamentals of security. It's critical for your business to have a cybersecurity resource to rely on as you navigate this new and burgeoning industry.

How CyZen Helps

CyZen has helped digital currency companies align with specific frameworks, allowing them to strengthen their security posture and making them secure and compliant.

At CyZen, our process is flexible to match your company's organizational maturity. Realistic expectations set during the sales process are delivered during the engagement as the team that markets the work, does the work. We excel in delivering security services to the digital currency and blockchain industry because we have worked with companies like yours and have expertise in decentralized and public key infrastructures (PKI). As an added value, our great depth of experience working in this industry translates to having CyZen-built tools specific to the demands of blockchain.

Working together, we can help your company build and implement a security program designed to fulfill your industry and organizational specific needs and requirements. We focus on aligning companies with controls from frameworks including:

  • C4's CCSS
  • GDPR
  • NIST800-53
  • ISO27001 + 27002


5 Tips to Keep Cryptocurrency in your Wallet and out of Thieves’ Pockets

Take cybersecurity into your own hands with these five simple tips from CyZen’s cybersecurity advisors.

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