Critical Infrastructure

A look at recent news underscores the fact that critical infrastructure continues to be a huge target for cyber attacks. CyZen can help protect these key resources by applying a balanced approach that considers both regulatory requirements and established best practices for securing your environments.

What the Industry Needs

Critical infrastructure consists of embedded special purpose systems with limited resources that do not support security controls. These environments contain legacy systems no longer supported by the vendor, creating a vulnerable environment ripe for exploitation. It's important to identify vulnerabilities and have sensible, actionable recommendations to secure your environment.

How CyZen Helps

CyZen works with your organization to better understand your Information Technology (IT) and your Operational Technology (OT) environments. We identify the unique risks associated with each environment as well as the risks associated with their inter-connectivity.

Our security experts review available documentation, interview stakeholders, review system settings and configurations, and perform technical assessments to identify security weaknesses in both technical and procedural processes. All these tasks culminate in a list of vulnerabilities, their impact, and the appropriate actions to take in order to fix these vulnerabilities.

In addition, CyZen identifies the root causes of all findings to design a strategic remediation road map that allows your organization to allocate the appropriate resources in order to fix weaknesses and increase your security posture.


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