Sean Johnstone Senior Security Engineer

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Sean serves a wide range of clients in a range of industries. He leads critical vulnerability assessments, conducts penetration tests, protects clients’ network devices and performs network security architecture reviews. He also spearheads cyber security awareness training for clients throughout the northeast to lay the foundation for vital cyber security protection.

He creates powerful client relationships with his proactive, innovative and tailored approach. He is also committed to helping non-technical audiences understand the ways in which cybersecurity can directly impact them and their businesses.

Sean began his career in anti-money laundering where he consulted both international and domestic clients on strategies for adhering to strict USA AML laws and regulations. He then entered the cybersecurity space where he consulted a diverse set of clients on a wide range of cybersecurity challenges and issues. He holds his Master of Science in Cybersecurity from Fordham University.

Sean Johnstone

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