Roland Crista Sales & Client Success Manager

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Roland builds real relationships with clients and is committed to open communication. His experience ranges from technology sales to recruiting and staffing. He’s worked with start-up companies, the fortune 50, and within all major verticals. He understands how different cyber skillsets, matched with a variety of technologies designed to detect, protect and infiltrate, can have an impact on each business as a whole.

His expertise includes cybersecurity client assessment ranging from network and application risks and penetration testing needs to threat and vulnerability risks and phishing attacks. He is also skilled in technology and environment assessments including DLP, AV, threat detection, antimalware, SOC as-a-service, and incident response.

Roland has managed both large and small teams and emphasizes team growth by learning something new every day. He has built relationships with some of the world's top CISO’s and continues to be a trusted advisor to them for cybersecurity services and products.

Roland Crista

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