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Jake works to quantify and remediate clients’ cyber risks, leading engagements across industries and spanning small and medium businesses and high-net-worth individuals to big enterprise-level engagements and successful start-ups. For more than 10 years, he has spearheaded pro-active, innovative and custom-tailored solutions that help safeguard clients from cybersecurity risks.

Jake focuses on each client and their needs, bringing deep-rooted service, industry knowledge and a passion for delivering excellence. He has helped clients target and remediate security vulnerabilities including IT misconfigurations, exploitable systems, open source intelligence and information leaks. His toolbox of technical services includes cyber defense, vulnerability/risk assessments, penetration testing, architectural reviews, cybersecurity training, open source intelligence and spear phishing simulations.

As a cybersecurity thought leader, Jake has led internal client awareness trainings and presented at educational retreats. He received a Bachelor’s of Technology in Information Technology with a concentration in Network Administration from SUNY Morrisville.

When Jake isn’t combatting cyber-attacks, you can find him globetrotting with his wife, deep-sea diving with sharks, or spending quality time with his four-legged friends, Chloe and Teddy.

Jake Lehmann

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